Would you have sex with an arab ?

29 Juil

Would you ? Would you ever think of the nationality, religion or other considerations of the kind in order to decide wheather you would or would not have sex with someone ? Would that thought ever cross your mind ? In a country like Israël that thought does more than cross minds, it renforces a very serious conflict between two cohabitants at war.

Well it’s the daring question « Would you have sex with an arab? » that Yolande Zauberman decides to ask jewish groups or people, walking around Israël.

Not only the question has a deep interest on its own because it represents a new way to treat the israelo-palestinian issue, desire being in the center of the consideration. But the answers to that question are building the interest of the Movie weather they are positive or negative.

When negative the viewers face an awkward moment where the interlocutor is torn between the obviousness in which he gives his answer and, at the same time, the lack of suitable explanation or logic that caracterizes it !

When positive, the funny thing is that very often the questionned people don’t even think of the weirdness of the question itself, the possibility of such a question is almost never denied. People just answer it as if someone was asking them if they could date someone who smokes, which also is an appreciation based on superficial caracteristics, but let’s face it, It could be an actual issue dating someone who smokes when non-smokers ourselves. Well in Israël it could be a death wish to date an arab when you are jewish. So the question doesn’t come as a shock as much as we could think.

This documentary is not only well thought and interesting it is also very funny, very sad, frustrating and revolting because you really feel the awkwardness that exists between the two « cohabitants » and you really don’t get an answer, not affirming that there is one, to the reason why even the young generations, because they are the one targeted in the movie, make that politic of hatred last.

A great piece of work that you should all see !

Sarah Rashidian 


Une Réponse to “Would you have sex with an arab ?”


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